The Winter Event is something that happened over the winter period of 2014, it started on Saturday, the 13th of December, and ended on Wednesday, the 31st of December.

It involved a global/team based quest in which you could choose to be with Sir P. Bear (Polar Bear) or Sir Moosey (Moose). Due to this being a global/team based quest, it ran for a longer period of time than regular quests, it also involved, as the name suggests, teamwork. When you entered the Winter Event, you were prompted with a quest from either Sir. P Bear, or Sir Moosey, you could either choose to Help or not to help, if you chose Help then that is the team you were on, if you choose not to help then you would receive another quest pop up when you next refreshed. The quest that appeared depended on which team currently had the most members, if Sir Moosey's team had more members then you would be prompted to join Sir P. Bear's team, and if Sir P. Bear's team had more members then you would be prompted to join Sir Moosey's team.

Participation Edit

It involved collecting either Snowflakes or Candy Canes, Sir P. Bear asked for Snowflakes while Sir Moosey asked for Candy Canes. You could collect the items by dragging them to the cow, this would add to the collected total shown in the Winter Event box. The collectible items, Snowflakes and Candy Canes, both give exp to the cow, so you could use them to level up your cow.

These are the skins, and items you were required to collect to unlock the rewards:

Sir P. Bear Sir Moosey
Cow polarbear
Cow moose
Snowflakes Candy Canes
Collectable snowflake
Collectable candycane

There were 3 team rewards, these could be unlocked through team participation. When the team had reached a certain collected amount, these rewards would be unlocked for everyone on the team:

Collected Reward
5,000 Team Hat
100,000 Unlock the team skin for everyone (regardless of team) permanently
Winning team only (as long as your team amount is higher than the opposing team's amount) 10% IPM Boost (only during the Winter Event)

Personal rewards:

Collected Reward
100 Team Skin
200 Badge
1,000 Team Coat

This is the badge earned when collecting 200 personal items:

Badge 10

Winning/Losing Edit

At the end of the Winter Event, the winning team was determined by which one had the most collected items. You could tell which team was winning during the event by the amount of bar being shown for that team, the blue bar showed the progress for Sir Moosey's team, the pink bar showed the progress for Sir P.Bear's team.

In the example below, Sir Moosey's team was winning because the blue bar dominates the pink bar.

Winterevent moosewinbar

However, in the following example, Sir P. Bear's team was winning because the pink bar is the dominating bar.

Winterevent pbearwinbar

Upon completion of the Winter Event, everyone, regardless of team, kept the rewards that they earned from the event, including the skin. Another reward, if your team reached 100,000 total collected, is your team's skin unlocked for every player, this means that if both teams reached 100,000 collected then everyone will unlock both skins. Both teams did in fact rise above 100,000 total collected.