He once was a tree, so true, so stout,

He had a calm life in this Ice Cream land, see?

But all that changed once when the light came down upon he.

The man was so bold, so strong and so creamy,

His name was Sam, the Lord of all Ice Cream.

He stroked his Creamy Beard and wondered for a time,

"Now how will I protect my own kingdom kind..."

He looked to a tree, that seemed so strong and proud,

He used his ice cream powers to give this tree life.

The tree opened its eyes and gasped at the act,

He screamed, at the man,

"What have you done?!"

Sam replied with a smirk,

"You seemed strong and proud."

"I thought that you might, guard our lands for a while."

The Treekeeper, Treekeeper so angry so strong, he swiped at the Lord without a second thought,

Sam replied at the act,

"Now now."

"I offer you shelter, a home, and friends."

The Treekeeper gazed and tilted his head,

He did not know of such pleasures and things.

The Treekeeper, Treekeeper was just a fine tree,

The Treekeeper took what the lord of Ice Cream offered, and entered the lands of here ever after.

The ice cream rained from time to time,

It run in the river for all to enjoy.

The Treekeeper, Treekeeper began to feel.