The Great Archive holds all of the Legends and Myths (collectively known to some as Lore) related to Ice Cream Stand. The Lore is stored in a Google Drive folder, but will also be available to download here. You will can either download word documents or PDF's, The PDF's will require software that reads PDF's to view the stories, such as Adobe Reader. The Lore is written by our Loremaster, Beepboop, and is recorded by our Scribe, Sunbucks.

WARNING: The Tome of Time contains "visions" (spoilers/teasers) about the stories, if you read The Tome of Time before the main stories then you might ruin something for yourself, read with caution!

In the 1.46.1 patch, the Lore was officially implemented into the game. Upon obtaining at least 1 Lore story in game, the texture to the left can be found floating up and down in the lower left corner of the game screen, when you click on it you are presented with a box that contain all of your collected stories, when you click on a story you will see a large box that fills up almost the entire web page, inside this box is where the story is for you to read.

Stories Edit

Methods for collecting the stories can be seen below the following list, which contains all of the different Lore names and their links:

Title Page Name and Wiki/Drive Links Download Link
The Chronicles of Ice Cream Stand
The Sam Saga
The Legend of Sam our Lord and Saviour (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Suns and The Starbucks (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Treekeeper, Treekeeper, Guardian of Ice Cream Stand (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Xenko the Ancient and the Ice Cream Princess (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Legend of Sunbucks: Rise of the Moderator (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Icemonger, Soul of the Frozen (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Unknown Divide (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Xenko the Ancient: The Witch Hunt (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Eyes of the World (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Radiant Skies (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Two Kings Apart (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Delve (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
From Shadow is Light (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Twin Gavels (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Aftermath (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Will of Ice (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Beginning (Unreleased) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The End of All Things (Unreleased) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Truth (Unreleased) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The After Times (The Balance)
Advance (Unreleased) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The End Times (Infinity)
Side Stories/Short Stories
Domiduf, the King of the Blocky Lands (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Jack Pepper Raw Cheese (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Ballad of DJ Neighsay (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Can of Spam that Can (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Truth in Fairytales (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Forgotten Seller of Ice Cream (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
Mr Boseman, the Unhatched (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Day the Castle Fell (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)
The Tome of Time (Drive) Download: (PDF) / (Word)

Methods For Obtaining Stories Edit

There are two methods currently used to obtain stories, each method provides a different story each.

The first method is to simply sell any ice cream, there is a chance of obtaining a main story after each ice cube game. The chance of unlocking a story from the ice cube game is 75% - (number of already unlocked stories * 15%). The minimum chance of unlocking a story is 1% and if you play the ice cube game for longer than 20 seconds then your chance raises to 5%. If the game is played for longer than 1 minute then the chance is increased by .25%, and then at 2 minutes that .25% increase becomes a .5% increase. A particular combo will double your chances, this combo is Beep Boop. There are only 16 main stories currently in the game.

The second method is to feed the cow hay, there is a chance of unlocking side stories after you feed your cow. There are only 8 side stories currently in the game.