"I was once such a famed seller of ice cream, but now my cart barely sees business."

The ice cream creature walked slowly pushing his ice cream cart through the streets.

All the Ice Creamizens minding their own business chattering, children playing along the streets.

A bunch of children came running down across the street and stopped before the ice cream creature.

One in particular that was made of cheese looked up and threw a ball of ice cream at the creature's face.

The children then ran off while laughing and giggling with glee.

The Ice Cream creature wiped it's face away of the ice cream and gazed at it's cart before pushing it down an alley way.

A whirling mechanical noise began to follow the Ice Cream Creature and it's cart as it passed a long hallway.

The creature did not give it a second thought before carting himself away as fast as he could, but something was following close.

The Ice Cream Creature hit a dead end in the maze of buildings, and turned to see a large shrouded green machine.

"Wha-what do you want?!"

The Ice cream creature spouted, the machine began to unhood itself, numbers streaming along the eyes.

"They hailed your name long ago, but no longer do they hold you up in high regards.”


The mechanical voice called out.

"Follow me and maybe you'll learn yourself a better purpose than just a seller of ice cream treats."

The machine raised it's hood and turned and walked into the light away from the lowly ice cream creature.

Karkat looked upon the cloaked machine and without a word he left his ice cream cart and began to follow in it's footsteps.