Long ago, there was an eggy young boy,

Who lived simply, and hath no toy.

Yet Instead he wand'red through the lands,

Making friends, at the ice cream stands.

Thy young eggy boy’s name, be Mr Boseman,

He loved his friends and is glad he chose them.

Though Boseman being young, asked many questions,

They found it frustrating, thus began to shun him.

Boseman did not wish his friends to upset,

So thyne arguments had, he shall always regret.

He doth often tried to make people laugh,

Yet most of the time, they return just their wrath.

However some friends continued to like him,

But it wasn’t enough to have him stay on a wim.

For thou who despised him, he worked for friendship,

Such as those who ridiculed, and gave Boseman lip.

Mr Boseman had A.D.D, and never did tell,

He upset a dear wooden friend, whom said “Go burn in hell.”

He had tried to make merry with each friend,

And that’s all we know in the end.

Some say that the egg disappeared over the years,

But when the time comes he will save us from our fears.