PATCH 1.21Edit


  • Sun's event title "By the power of Ra!" (credit: anon9mous)


  • Each tier of workers unlocks with 25 of the previous workers
  • Added mods, please welcome Xenko and Icemonger as ICS's first set of moderators


  • Added a picture for quests
  • Added a picture for chat disclaimer
    Darkened the purple in some areas to make text more legible
  • Slimmed the current flavour bar
  • Tweaks to user card
    Updated log out message


  • Renamed sort base flavour to sort max flavour
  • Fixed a bug with sorting glitching sold amounts
  • Mystery flavour will reveal itself if you unlock that flavour

PATCH 1.20Edit


  • Fixed a bug with cone pricing
  • Fixed an issue with starter cone not showing up
  • Fixed a pagination issue with combos


  • Quest requirement scaling with prestige is now removed
  • You can now choose not to display a badge


  • French vanilla is now irish cream for St. Patrick's Day

PATCH 1.19.1Edit

  • Redesigned the Combo / Event / Trending graphics
  • Added Invite / Feedback instead of a Facebook like button
  • Added Flavour/Add-on Sorting

PATCH 1.19Edit


  • Added Cool Beans (credit: dreamer)
  • Added Glow Worms (credit: mousebat)


  • Expertise slope is faster for levels 1-5
  • Flavours and Add-ons can now be sorted by base value or alphabetically


  • Added 6 cones, they will unlock at 25%, 75%, 150%, 200%, 300%, and 399%
  • Used to create new combos and give a boost to your clicks and autopilot


  • Rewrote the game engine to not load all images at once
  • Improved the time it takes to buy an upgrade
  • Preparing for St. Patricks day content badge


  • Autopilot is now properly limited to 50 + 25*prestige level

Feb. 25Edit


  • Add-on events are now 8 minutes long.
  • Add-on events can now occur for all (almost all?) add-ons

Patch 1.17BEdit


  • Added green hill zone(credit: taisto)
  • Added ithildin(credit: taisto)


  • All add-ons can now be events (previously only early-mid tier could)


  • Added a highscore list for prestige
  • guests no longer show up on the prestige list
  • Updated friend tooltip (credit: dreamer)

Feb. 20Edit


  • New equation for value of a sale: (Base Price + Trending Value + Combo Bonus + Add-on Bonus) * (Prestige + Expertise) + Add-on Value
    • This applies to both the big cone and worker sales, however, workers cannot currently get the trending/combo/add-ons bonuses. This should be changed soon.
  • Trending flavours are available for 50,000 sales with a starting bonus of $2.50. The bonus drops by $0.05 per 1000 sales.
  • Trending flavours are restocked at the start of a trend.
  • Any flavour can now be a trending flavour. If you haven't unlock a trending flavour, it will show up as a mystery flavour.